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Why Choose ACG ?

Empowering your Business

Our success depends on success of our clients. Our ability to deliver and manage the best outcome for our clients—reciprocates where we are today. Our team ability and background  reflect the diverse world in which we live and work—allows us to deliver value and help companies make a difference. In order to build a global ACG  team made up of individuals determined to make the world and one another better every day, we invest heavily in talent acquisition; diversity, equity, and inclusion; employee well-being; learning   programs  and leadership development; and safety and security. Here are some of the ways we’re driving change:

  • Recruiting diverse talent, with structured protocols to eliminate bias from the recruiting process

  • Maintaining equal promotion and retention rates among men and women

  • Instituting formal flexibility policies to improve predictability and employee sustainability

  • Holding conferences and affiliation events to bring together members of our diversity networks

  • Offering tailored talent development, mentoring, and sponsorship opportunities

Promoting Ethical Business Practices

Dedication to ethical and responsible business practices defines our business identity and our approach as a Company. We consider this commitment—backed up by team of efficient r accountability and a culture of transparency—critical to our success and to the reputational integrity of our clients and our company. Our responsible business goals include:

  • Training all ACG employees on our business ethics and employee code of conduct

  • Training all ACG employees on our data privacy and information security policies

  • Communicating our supplier code of conduct to all ACG suppliers

  • Training all ACG sourcing teams on sustainable procurement topics

Our commitment to clients

We partner with clients to identify their opportunities, address their critical challenges, and transform their businesses. We are committed to creating value for our clients in a professional, ethical, and lawful manner.

Our commitment to People

Mentorship and leadership are fundamental to our philosophy. We believe that a collegial environment fosters continuous learning and insight, and we aspire to remain connected with those who have joined ACG even after their tenure at the firm.

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